Crafting a captivating dating profile is essential for catching the eye of potential matches on dating apps like Hinge. While there are plenty of intriguing and engaging prompts to choose from, some may not have the desired effect you’re hoping for. In this article, we’ll explore the worst Hinge prompts and questions you should avoid using in your dating profile to increase your chances of making meaningful connections.

1. “Two truths and a lie…”

This classic icebreaker may have been a hit in traditional party games, but it can come across as clichéd and unoriginal in a dating profile. Instead, opt for prompts that offer more insight into your personality and interests.

2. “Weirdest talent I have…”

While sharing quirky talents can be entertaining, this prompt may not reveal much about your genuine self. Instead, focus on prompts that highlight your hobbies, passions, or favorite activities.

3. “Most spontaneous thing I’ve done…”

This prompt can lead to generic responses and may not provide much depth to your profile. Choose prompts that allow you to showcase your adventurous side or share experiences that shaped your life positively.

4. “Change my mind about…”

This prompt invites potential matches to challenge your beliefs, which can lead to contentious conversations. It’s best to avoid polarizing topics and focus on prompts that promote positive interactions.

5. “Dream dinner guest…”

While discussing dream dinner guests might be an enjoyable topic among friends, it doesn’t reveal much about your personality or interests. Opt for prompts that showcase your values, aspirations, or favorite pastimes.

6. “I’ll fall for you if…”

This prompt can set unrealistic expectations and may come across as overly romantic. Instead, consider prompts that describe the qualities you value in a partner or the type of connection you’re seeking.

7. “Deal-breakers…”

Focusing on deal-breakers in your dating profile can create a negative impression and potentially scare away potential matches. Concentrate on positive qualities and what you bring to the table.

8. “Go-to karaoke song…”

While sharing your go-to karaoke song might be fun in person, it may not be the most revealing prompt for your dating profile. Choose prompts that give insight into your hobbies, interests, and passions.

9. “Where to find me at a party…”

This prompt may not be the most illuminating when it comes to showcasing your personality and unique traits. Opt for prompts that allow you to share meaningful experiences or describe your ideal day.

10. “I’m weirdly attracted to…”

Sharing peculiar attractions might not be the best way to make a memorable impression on your dating profile. Instead, focus on prompts that highlight your values, sense of humor, or what makes you unique.


Crafting a compelling dating profile on Hinge requires choosing prompts and questions that authentically represent who you are and what you’re looking for in a partner. Avoiding the worst Hinge prompts and opting for thoughtful, engaging questions will increase your chances of making meaningful connections and finding the right match for you. Be genuine, be yourself, and let your profile shine with your true personality.

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