3Fun Review

3Fun is a location-based mobile dating app that pairs you with people based on your sexual preferences. It boasts a very high success rate and VIP memberships. But is the service worth the money and time? Let’s take a closer look in this 3Fun review.

3Fun is a location-based mobile dating app

The 3Fun project is focused on connecting prime partners and singles who are looking for hookups. It capitalizes on the fun-loving nature of these people and has more than 400,000 active users. Its registration process is easy and takes less than two minutes. All you need to do is provide your e-mail address and a valid mobile number.

3Fun  is simple and easy to use. The main page of the website is straightforward, with just two tabs for most features. Members are displayed in a grid layout, with an indicator letting you know if they are online or offline. Profile photos show basic information about the person. Besides that, the main page has two action buttons for you to chat, wink, manage your membership, and view notifications.

As a location-based mobile dating app, 3Fun allows users to browse profiles by geo-location, and shows personal information like images and birthdates to match users. Users can choose to hide location information, but it still reaches the 3Fun server.

3Fun’s security measures are not as sophisticated as those of other location-based mobile dating apps such as Grindr and Romeo. Because of this, researchers could determine a user’s location in real-time. By using GPS spoofing, researchers were able to create maps containing information such as the user’s location. This information was then analyzed with triangulation algorithms, which use longitude, latitude, and altitude to return a precise location.

Unlike other location-based dating apps, 3Fun uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and remove people with fake profiles. This helps the app prevent catfishers and other scammers from wasting their time. It also eliminates fake photos created by Snapchat filters and other software.

The 3Fun app claims to have 1.5 million members worldwide. Users exchange 180,000 messages every day. Although the app claims to provide privacy protections, researchers from Pen Test Partners found a number of serious issues with the app. In some cases, users’ real-time location, private pictures, and sexual preferences were exposed.

It matches users based on their sexual preferences

While 3Fun claims to be safe, there are still some privacy concerns surrounding this app. Your information is stored on the 3Fun server, and you can find out your gender, date of birth, and even private photos. The company claims that these images are only available to matches, but the site’s servers also disclose your private photos to other users.

3Fun has recently improved its security system to better protect its users. These measures include improved photo and personal information security, which helps avoid romance scams and catfishing. If a user is suspected of participating in these scams, they will be immediately removed from the site. In addition, users who have uploaded photos are required to verify their identities. However, 3Fun’s security system is not up to par. In one report, 3Fun users’ personal information, including their location and phone number, were leaked.

3Fun’s network accepts polyamorous couples, and matches users using interest-based matching. Its swiping tools allow users to see profiles of other couples that might be compatible with them. Safety is an important concern for polyamorous users online. Many of these users put their hearts on the line, and need assurance that they won’t be catfished. To combat this, the 3Fun team has verified all dating profiles to ensure that they are not catfished.

High success rate

3Fun legit and is one of the most popular dating apps on the market. Its registration process is simple and takes less than two minutes. It allows users to link their Facebook profiles and import their information. There are also options for mobile registration. This option is great for busy people who want to sign up on the go.

3Fun also has a strong anti-catfishing program. This means that it can identify stolen or nude profile pictures. This is backed by a mandatory manual verification system. The AI software is then programmed to learn patterns and remove fraudulent profiles. It is also possible to “Like” profiles recommended by other users. However, you must upload a photo before you can access this feature.

VIP membership

If you’re looking for a polyamorous dating website with the best features, you may want to consider 3Fun. This polyamory dating site is designed to match couples up with “thirds,” who can be singles or other couples who want to chat. Its VIP membership will give you access to exclusive features, like a personal assistant and more.

As a 3Fun VIP, you can enjoy the premium extras like unlimited likes and messages. You can also set privacy settings and limit your profile. You can also see the names of people who liked you. This isn’t very useful if you’re not interested in dating anyone..

The 3Fun app comes with a free option, but if you’d like to unlock the additional features, you can pay for the VIP membership. The benefits include sending priority messages to UNMATCHED users, searching through different locations, and controlling your profile to limit what other people can see about you. In addition, you can create your own profiles and limit how people see them by setting advanced filters.

In Conclusion of the 3Fun review

In this 3Fun review, we made sure that the site is trustworthy and worth joining to try your luck in the online dating industry. 3Fun is an online dating site with a social network feel. While it was initially designed as an online dating platform, site has become a social media app that allows users to build their profile, make friends, chat with others, and share photos and videos with the community. If you’re  interested in dating, 3Fun is for you. You can meet interesting people online in just a few minutes.

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